Developer showcase

This page lists applications or services that we know of making use the Geotag Icon (GTI). Their developers deserve a big “thanks” from the geotagging community!

Minimap Sidebar | Add-on for the Firefox browser

by Tony Farndon

The Minimap add-on gives you a suite of in-built maps and mapping tools for your Firefoxbrowser. Create and save a sidebar map using the addresses or address links you find on web pages (highlight then drag and drop), or by manually adding locations. Import/Export KML, GPX, Minimap XML file, CSV (export only). View traffic info, drag and drop KML files, local search, Google, Yahoo and Live Local directions, view in Google Earth, Tagzania, Platial, GeoURL and many more. Address/Location points are stored locally for later use. [GTI added to v0.2.4]

iCab | The Internet taxi for your Mac

by Alexander Clauss

iCab is an alternative web browser for the Mac proffering several unique features not found in other browsers like filters for images, cookies, JavaScript, Plug-ins, Java, etc. and a built-in HTML checker which can be a real help for web designers. iCab Pro costs $25 / 25 EUR; there is also a free version with some features of the Pro version disabled. [GTI added to v4.0.1b39].

FeedDemon | The most popular Windows RSS reader

by Nick Bradbury

Bring the power of FeedDemon, PC Magazine‘s Editor’s Choice RSS Reader, to your Windows desktop. Get your news and information instantly. Customize the way you read and organize feeds. Download podcasts to your iPod or Windows Media Player. FeedDemon synchronizes withNewsGator Online and the rest of the NewsGator RSS Suite. [GTI added to v2.6.1b1].

Map My Tracks | Real-time GPS tracking for sports enthusiasts

by Tinderhouse Ltd.

Using a mobile phone with built-in GPS or an external GPS receiver Map My Tracks lets you map and track your location in real-time. For sporting sporting activity over land, sea or air, it provides a competitive edge and makes training fun. Map My Tracks let your friends, competitors or parents know where you are right now (example).

CDFinder | Complete disk catalogue and media asset management

by Norbert Doerner

CDFinder is the most complete disk catalog and media asset manager software for the Mac with the most extensive GPS (geotagging) integration available. It displays EXIF-GPS and IPTC metadata, finds other photos taken near a location, exports to KMZ, & plots location using several mapping services. [GTI added to v5.1.1].

Geotag | A platform independent program to geotag images

by Andreas Schneider

The open-source Geotag application supports automatic (via GPX import) and manual geotagging (via Google Maps/ Google Earth), and is compatible with most raw image formats. This cross-platform tool requires Java SE 6 runtime (Mac users note: only available for 64-bit Intel Macs running Leopard). [GTI used in app icon from v0.054].

Geo Mashup | A WordPress plugin for plotting posts on Google Maps

by Dylan Kuhn

Geo Mashup uses the Google Maps API to search for locations and geocode posts for plotting on a customized map. Features include display by category, inclusion of post excerpts in pop-up info windows, automatic generation of GeoRSS feeds, importation of KML files, and flexible template tag options. [GTI added to v1.1b3].

GraphicConverter | Universal genius for photo editing

by Thorsten Lemke

GraphicConverter is Lemkesoft’s veritable Swiss Army Knife among image editors—now using the Geotag Icon to clearly highlight geotag-related menu options for showing/ setting positions via Google Earth, editing GPS coordinate values, and geotagging photos via GPX files. [GTI added to v6.2].

My Tag Show | View and find nearby images

by John Ellis

My Tag Show from Dove Valley Apps is a quick and fun way to view slideshows of public image feeds, your private images, and images from friends and family on your iPhone. Users can search for pictures taken within a 1-100km radius of their current location, and can plot any geotagged image on map. [GTI added to v1.0].

CDWinder | Catalog all your data on Disks, DVDs, and CDs with CDWinder

by Andreas Becherer

CDWinder is the most complete disk catalog and media asset manager software for Windows with the most extensive GPS (geotagging) integration available. It displays EXIF-GPS and IPTC metadata, finds other photos taken near a location, exports to KMZ, & plots location using several mapping services. [GTI added to v5.1.1].

PhotoLinker | Pro geotagging and annotation tool

by Jeffrey Early

If you’re into geotagging PhotoLinker does it all: handles raw formats; adjusts track/ camera offset; acquires IPTC metadata; cross-checking of time to nearest point or position on a map; manual matching to waypoints; batch saving to EXIF on original photos or backups; user-specified tolerances for automatic matching—all within an intuitive interface. [GTI added to v2.0.0b5].

Phatch | Batch process your photos

by Stani

Phatch is an open-source cross-platform image editor that includes the ability to extract location from GPX files and time-match this to your digital photographs. It does a lot more too, such as batch resizing, rotation, shadow and perspective effects, plus many more actions. [GTI added to v0.2].

GPStamper Geotagger | Simply and efficiently geotag your images

by Michael Lee

GPStamper Geotagger is an easy to use geotagging tool. Precise, simple and safe (no metadata corruption, plus file backup) geotagging using the power of ExifTool. One-click KML file creation. Use in conjunction with GPStamper (free unexpiring trial available) to stamp coordinates and date onto photos. [GTI added to v1.2].

GeoStamper | Stamp your images with the Geotag Icon

by Michael Lee

GeoStamper applies the Geotag Icon to geotagged JPEG photos in a lossless fashion; it’s as simple as dragging and dropping geotagged JPEG files or folders onto the GeoStamper icon. A copy is stamped and ‘-geo’ is appended to the file name. The Geotag Icon always appears the same relative size, no matter if a 2MP or 12MP image is stamped. [GTI added to v1.0].

GPS-Info 2.0 | Your GPS photo companion

by Norbert Doerner

GPS-Info is an application that displays the GPS coordinate embedded in photos, and more. It allows you to show that location in web services, such as Flickr, Panoramio, Google Maps, SmugMug, WikiMapia or MapQuest. You can display the place in Google Earth, export it to KML, and start a geosearch in CDFinder for photos taken near the place. [GTI added to v2.0].

SmugShot | Instant gratification for iPhone photographers

by SmugMug Inc.

Get SmugShot (free) from the iPhone App Store to geotag your photos and add them to SmugMug online galleries. Show your friends what they’re missing in seconds. And where they’re missing it. SmugShot embeds your location in your photos as you take them, and SmugMug spots them on Google Maps [GTI added to v1.3.0].

GeoMeme | What’s happening where?

by Bob Hitching

GeoMeme is the fun way to measure and share real-time local Twitter trends. Many tweets are now precisely located on the map using Twitter’s geolocation API (indicated using the red GTI); other people are precisely located on the map using public data from a number of iPhone Twitter apps (indicated with a grey GTI).

myTracks | Swiss Army knife for organising GPS tracks

by Dirk Stichling

myTracks is track log manager (importing from a GPS logger or GPX file) and editor. Trackpoints can be individually adjusted and tracks can be split or simplified. Geocaching is built-in, with local caching of OpenStreetMap mapping. Geotagging is also supported, with reverse geocoding of photo locations (writing coordinates to EXIF/IPTC headers and optionally updating iPhoto’s Places database). Uniquely, tracks can be created from geotagged photos (with export to GPX and KMZ); direct upload to Flickr and Locr is supported.